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San Francisco, CA, USA · Los Angeles, CA, USA
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2024

Laurel’s Mission to Return Time:

We’re a team that is connected by time. Life has taught us its true value and finite nature. We value every minute and are on a mission to return time. And we live and breathe that mission in everything we do — from how we build our product that saves our customers time to how we operate as a company.

Come work with a team that’s intelligent yet humble, visionary yet gets things done. A team that’s only getting started at cracking a problem that affects every person who uses a screen to work.

Come build a company that will stand the test of time as we look to understand time itself.

We all waste a staggering amount of time at work (~33%) because we have no idea where we are spending it. Worse yet, we continue to operate in a factory model that simply does not apply to creative work. Our big bet is that by understanding time, we’ll be able to move away from it as a unit of value. In the future knowledge economy (lawyers, accountants, engineers), contributions will be assessed on value added, not the underlying time spent adding it.

Ambitious mission to say the least, so where are we starting? We have created a new market category called Time Automation that automates the timekeeping process for professionals and allows us to collect time data at scale. Before Laurel, professionals had to manually record every six minutes of their day into antiquated timekeeping software. Not anymore. We are moving away from a world in which humans tell a machine what they did at work, to our version of the world in which the machine tells the human.

We are looking for individuals who share our passion of returning time. Come join us on our journey as we spend time solving time. It will be a long road but if we’re even half right, we’ll change the way work is measured and performed forever.

Director of Marketing

Function: Go-to-Market

Manager: Ryan Alshak, CEO

About Laurel & Roadmap:

Laurel is the first company to apply AI to tracking time.

Company Roadmap:

Phase 1 (today):

  • Applying AI to automate timesheets for professional services. Value is: (1) more money for the firm and (2) less time for the user

Phase 2 (2025):

  • Aggregating time data and moving pro serv industries from selling time → selling outcomes (rewiring the incentive model for 20% of Global GDP)

Phase 3: (2030):

  • Tie outcomes back to the input of time across all digital industries–and leverage our work data set to automate work that does not create leverage


Series B ($55M raised from top-tier investors). Rebuilt platform E2E post Series B raise which launched in Feb 2023. In just 11 months, we’ve gone from $0 → +$5M ARR on the new platform.

Summary of Role:

Laurel is seeking a world-class Director of Marketing to spearhead our efforts in creating and dominating the category of AI time tracking. This role requires a visionary marketer who can balance strategic thinking with relentless execution. This person must take the marketing vision from the CEO and autonomously take vision → marketing strategy → roadmap → day-to-day, world-class execution.

You will be responsible for building the marketing function from 1 → N, defining how Laurel shows up in the world to our customers, prospects, colleagues, partners, and investors.

You must have worked in early-stage environments, have B2B2C experience, and ideally have taken or been part of a small team at a company that increased revenue from $5M → 25M while being profitable. We want someone who has been trying to find that breakout company and has missed a few times. Previous founders built from product and/or revenue backgrounds are ideal archetypes.

You should have experience building a marketing org soup to nuts (recruiting through offboarding), and your philosophy is around talent density (high-performance teams that are small and capable) versus scaling with headcount. This is not for marketing folks who want to build massive organizations or budgets, but high-leverage ones. You should be versed in applying AI to your organization’s workflow. This person is just as willing to roll up their sleeves to contribute to the team, as they are invested in curating the GTM team to deliver excellence.

AI will fundamentally change the nature of work, and how we think about work. The Director of Marketing role at Laurel has the capacity to influence our work, and how the world works beyond the scope of our current AI approaches with the data we have at our fingertips. You can stand at the forefront of this revolution and help change the meaning of work.

Laurel is also at a pivot point. We've built a product that people like, and have a direction that people love, but it hasn't been done yet. This person will have significant autonomy and authority in ensuring that the path we are taking ultimately yields our lofty goals of changing the way professional service workers work (and get paid). We can’t wait to grow Laurel with you.

We are in the business of creating the category of time, not competing against incumbents in an existing category. As such, we must be bold in how we set ourselves apart from the perceived competition. Beyond defining and owning delivery metrics (e.g., QL1s, QL2s, CAC, and LTV), ultimate success in this role will be measured in how we define the conversation about how time at work is perceived — and ultimately, improved.

Key Responsibilities:

Strategic Leadership in Market Positioning: Lead the charge in creating and defining the category of time, setting Laurel apart from competitors. Develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with Laurel's vision and business goals.

Demand Generation and Sales Cycle Optimization: Create and execute growth strategies to increase brand awareness and generate quality leads, significantly contributing to the reduction of the sales cycle. Collaborate closely with sales and product teams to integrate marketing efforts with overall business strategy.

Event Management and Sales Support: Own end-to-end event operations, managing all events attended by the sales team, ensuring seamless integration of event strategies with overall marketing and sales efforts. Provide robust sales enablement support, enhancing the effectiveness of the sales team at events and in broader sales activities.

Content Creation and Thought Leadership: Produce compelling content that positions Laurel as the leader in the time management category. Engage with key industry players and channels to establish Laurel's voice in the market.

Data-Driven Marketing and Innovation: Leverage AI-powered tools and data analytics to inform marketing strategies and decision-making. Stay at the forefront of marketing technology trends, ensuring Laurel's marketing approach remains innovative and effective.

Skills and Experience:

  • Proven experience in B2B marketing, particularly in professional services.
  • Strong background in using AI and automation tools in marketing strategies.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead marketing initiatives from conception to execution.
  • Excellent communication, leadership, and strategic planning skills.

What We’re Looking For:

  • A seasoned marketing professional with a track record of success in B2B2C marketing, particularly in professional services.
  • Proven expertise in using AI and automation tools to drive marketing strategies.
  • Strong capability in leading marketing initiatives independently, from conception through to execution.
  • Exceptional organizational skills, especially in managing complex events and aligning them with sales and marketing goals.
  • Excellent communication and leadership abilities, with a knack for collaborating effectively with diverse teams.

What Success Looks Like:

  • Creation and implementation of marketing strategies that demonstrably drive demand and lead generation working closely with the Head of Sales.
  • Significant contribution to reducing the sales cycle and increasing lead quality, as evidenced by improved sales metrics working closely with the Head of Sales.
  • Successful execution and management of events that advance sales objectives and enhance brand visibility working closely with the Head of Sales and CEO.
  • Laurel becomes a recognized leader in the time management category, with a clear and compelling brand presence working closely with the Head of Post-Sales and CEO.

Compensation: Competitive salary and equity package, comprehensive benefits, wellness, and commuter benefits.

Pay Range: $150,000 - $220,000 USD

The Hiring Process:

  1. Phone conversation with principal recruiter.
  2. Video interview with Head of Finance — Managing a Marketing Budget; Team Culture.
  3. Video interview with Head of Sales — Sales Enablement; QL2 Generation.
  4. Video interview with Head of Post-Sales — NRR Enablement; Client Management.
  5. In-depth video or onsite interview with Founder & CEO — Hiring Manager.

Flexibility and Logistics:

  • Location: This role will be based in our company offices in San Francisco or Los Angeles.
  • Additional Benefits: Comprehensive medical/dental/vision coverage with covered premiums, 401(k), and additional benefits including wellness/commuter/FSA stipends.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Unfortunately we are unable to sponsor visas at this time.
  • What happens if my kid or I are sick on a workday? Take all the time you need! We’ll cover for you. And send you some soup.

Laurel's Commitment: We encourage diverse perspectives and rigorous thinkers who aren't afraid to challenge the status quo. Laurel is an equal-opportunity employer committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Not sure if you meet the qualifications? Keep reading…

At Laurel, we welcome diverse perspectives and people who think rigorously and aren't afraid to challenge the status quo. If you’re interested in joining us on our mission to return time, then we encourage you to apply, even if you don’t perfectly match every single bullet on the job description. We promise to review your application. Laurel is an equal opportunity employer, and we celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment, free from discrimination or harassment, for all employees.