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Partnerships Lead



Sales & Business Development
New York, NY, USA
Posted on Tuesday, June 6, 2023


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Partnerships Lead

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Full-time
  • New York, NY
  • Remote friendly
  • 120K - 150K USD a year

2023-02-10 22:13:02 UTC

About Kinn

We believe the most successful brands of tomorrow will be built on deeper customer relationships and thriving customer communities. But brands don’t have the tools they need to identify, engage, and rally their best customers to action. That’s why we’re building Kinn - a new platform that’s changing how ambitious brands connect with and engage their best customers in their owned channels. 

Kinn was founded in 2022, is funded by top tier investors, and is launching in Q1 2023. We're a passionate team that has worked together at Instagram and Facebook building shopping experiences and advertising tools for commerce. We're motivated by the opportunity to fundamentally rethink the consumer experience of shopping online and we have the team to do it.

About the Role

We’re hiring a Partnerships Lead to drive our agency and technology partnerships. As the first Partnerships hire, you’ll be responsible for identifying and cultivating relationships with relevant partners, driving sales pipeline from those partnerships, and shaping our sales motion to close leads in collaboration with the founding team. 

You’ll report to our Chief Revenue Officer and have significant scope to shape our partnership strategy and influence our sales motion in our first year in market. You should have strong relationships in the Shopify ecosystem and a demonstrated track record of forming partnerships that drive business outcomes. 


What you'll do

·      Source and cultivate agency and technology partner relationships to grow our pipeline and deliver on revenue growth. 

·      Educate partners on our product and value proposition. Work with available resources to create effective partner marketing and enablement programs. 

·      Define our partnership process and develop business plans with our partners that lead to shared success. Identify prospects through account mapping and work creatively to find new business opportunities. 

·      Conceive of and execute on partner co-marketing opportunities both in-person at events and digitally. 

·      Work closely with company founders to close leads generated by partnership programs, refine our sales process, and help shape our go-to-market effort.

·      Pitch in on many surprising, daily challenges that come up in an early-stage start up.

What we're looking for

·      5+ years of partnerships or sales experience, with at least 2 years in partnerships within the Shopify ecosystem.

·      Demonstrated experience meeting or exceeding revenue growth targets from partnership programs.

·      Sales experience - we’re a small team, so everyone working on revenue generation needs to be comfortable getting contracts across the line. We’re looking for someone with experience in an actual sales role.

·      Entrepreneurial mindset - you are low ego, highly intelligent, and a quick learner eager to roll up your sleeves and tackle any tasks. As part of an early stage team, you'll wear multiple hats. 

·      Strong communicator - you are able to cut through strategic, technical, and interpersonal complexity to articulate problems and solutions clearly. 

·      Relationship builder - you are able to successfully build relationships with a diverse set of partners and drive business outcomes from those relationships. 

·      Goal driven - you are highly motivated to drive financial outcomes for our customers, our partners, and our business. 

·      Process oriented – you have experience putting in place repeatable processes to scale your impact.

·      Open to travel - attending industry events and meeting our partners in person will be necessary for success. We anticipate monthly travel opportunities.    

Nice to have

·      We are remote friendly, but bonus points if you can work 2-3 days per week in our New York office or in Los Angeles where our CRO is based

·      Experience in-house at a brand or at an agency advising brands on eCommerce strategy


Our benefits

·      All employees have equity in Kinn

·      Best-in-class Medical plans

·      Dental, vision, & transportation benefits

·      401k match

·      Flexible working hours and flexible days in office

·      Generous PTO and four months of parental leave

Remote restrictions

  • Must be a resident of United States