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ML Engineer - Senior Software Engineer



Software Engineering, Data Science
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India · India
Posted on Friday, June 21, 2024

Required skill set:

● 0-4 years experience as a machine learning engineer/data scientist. (0-2 is suggested to be junior while 3-4 year experience is suggested to be intermediate level. However, interview performance will determine the level and is not limited by working years.)

● Strong DL for cases like image/audio/text classification.

● Strong NLP (LLM) knowledge on entity extraction. Multi-lingual LM and multi-modal LM experience are extremely preferred.

● Hands on experience on GenAI (LLM), and experts on prompt engineering.

● Machine learning pipeline knowledge and hands-on experience on Kubeflow or mlflow frameworks. This is highly desirable but not required.

● Strong Python knowledge is essential.

● Experience of training models with accelerators.

● knowledge and/or hands-on experience with performance tuning, like LORA etc, are desirable.

● Experience on deploying models and optimizing tradeoff among throughput, latency and cost, are desirable but not required.

● Exposure to MLOps / Data Engineering is highly desirable but not required.

Category: Information Technology

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