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Technology Governance Analyst



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India · India
Posted on Friday, June 21, 2024

A Technology Governance Analyst plays a vital role in ensuring the compliance of all

the technology development, implementation, deployment, and software purchases &

subscriptions, collectively known as TRP(Technology Review Process).

Here's a breakdown of the key responsibilities, qualifications:

Key Responsibilities:

● Implement Technology Governance Frameworks: You'll be responsible for

ensuring the adaption and compliance of the technology review process

(TRP), Architecture Review Board (ARB), Software Lifecycle Management

(SLM), Application Portfolio Management (APM), Exception and Risk

Assessments concerning IRM policies, processes, and standards that ensure

the effective and responsible use of technology within the organization.

● Support Audits and Assessments: You'll assist internal audit teams or

external auditors during IT-related audits and assessments. This could involve

providing documentation, data, and insights into technology governance


● Analyze and Assess Processes: You'll analyze existing governance

processes to identify areas for improvement, potential risks, or inefficiencies.

This might involve process mapping, data analysis, and conducting interviews

with internal stakeholders.

● Monitor Compliance: You'll track adherence to established governance

policies and procedures. This might involve reviewing reports, conducting

audits, and identifying and reporting any deviations from the established


● Communication and Reporting: You'll communicate governance practices

and their effectiveness to various stakeholders, including senior management.

This often involves preparing reports, presentations, and recommendations.

● Stay Current with Regulations: Stay updated on relevant compliance

standards related to technology use and data privacy.

● Cultivate and maintain relationships with technology owners, architects, and

the business to keep them informed about the TRP, APM, SLM, and ARB

● Serve as the primary point of contact for technology owners, architects, and

sponsors, addressing inquiries, and coordinating TRP engagements.

● Collaborate with internal stakeholders, including technology owners,

architects, and business sponsors to complete the required documentation

and materials for the ARB

● Provide guidance and support to internal teams on engaging with technology

governance effectively and maximizing the impact of business relations


● Track and report on key performance metrics related to TRP, ARB, SLM,

APM, and Exceptions and impact on compliance.

Qualifications :

Bachelor's degree: A bachelor's degree in Information Technology (IT),

Computer Science, or a related field is preferred.

Technical Knowledge: Solid understanding of IT infrastructure, cybersecurity

principles, and IT governance frameworks (e.g., ITIL).

Analytical Skills: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to identify areas

for improvement in technology governance processes.

Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills to

document procedures, present findings, and collaborate with technical and non-

technical audiences.

Attention to Detail: Highly detail-oriented with a focus on accuracy and


Project Management Skills: The ability to manage and coordinate governance-

related projects is often beneficial.

Experience (Plus Points):

● Prior experience in a compliance or risk management role is a plus.

● Knowledge of specific governance frameworks relevant to the industry

(e.g., SOX, ITIL, NIST) can be advantageous.

● Certifications in governance frameworks or risk management can be


In conclusion, the Governance Analyst role offers an opportunity to play a vital

role in ensuring an organization operates securely, and efficiently, and adheres

to all relevant standards, best practices and applicable regulations

Category: Information Technology

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